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Need to create excitement around your next event?

Jasen Magic will customize his show to your specific needs and budget.

Publicity Stunts

Looking to get your company on the news or better yet, have your event the talk of the town? Jasen Magic is your personal media buzz-maker. Nearly 30,000 people gathered to watch him escape a straitjacket while suspended by a burning rope over a river and on another occasion over flaming spikes. Jasen Magic also attracted media along with thousands of spectators when he escaped from a burning crate ten stories in the air. Also, when he made a $2.5 million-dollar helicopter appear out of thin air LIVE on Fox News — Jasen’s ability to attract attention is overwhelming. His stunts have been seen on Real T.V., Maximum Exposure, The World’s Most Shocking Moments, Extreme Peril, Shockwave and other t.v. programs across the globe.

The Jasen Magic Show

Fasten your seatbelts. Jasen has blended magic, comedy, improv and his one of a kind personality and interlaced it with music, audience participation and rolled it all together into one fast paced performance that he can even customize to your specific needs and audience! Jasen has such a broad range to adapt his performance to an audience size of 7 to 700. This show is constantly evolving and changing that no two shows are ever quite the same. Check out the Client List for a few of the hundreds of companies and groups Jasen has successfully performed for.

He has been seen by hundreds of thousands while touring the US at auto shows, media events, trade shows, private parties, cruising Cozumel, Key West, Maui and the Bahamas and countless events on shore.

The Close-Up

How would you like to see Jasen Magic make your favorite cufflink or lipstick disappear or even that annoying clerk in the mail room? Well, legally he can’t help you with that clerk, however, he has mastered the art of sleight of hand and misdirection. So while Jasen mingles your party treating your guests to amazing feats you will have more time to relax and think about what to do with that mail clerk.

In his close-up show, Jasen has performed  tableside, poolside, even on a private jet! Some of his more memorable entertained guests have included: Indy Legend Mario Andretti, Tiger Woods,  Talk Show Host Leeza Gibbons,  Lifestyles Robin Leach,  Country Music Star George Straight, Nascars Carl Edwards and more recently The Rolling Stones and any more name dropping he would be considered bragging, so stop it already!