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To date, Jasen Magic has logged more than 13,000 live performances ranging from casual close-up performances, cruise ship showrooms and convention centers, to the occasional publicity stunt that have helped land him into the living rooms of millions of viewers across the globe. Whether it’s a one-on-one encounter, a television interview, his stage show, or a dangerous stunt performance, Jasen has demonstrated that he has the extraordinary ability to connect with any audience and can entertain anybody you put in front of him.

Performing nearly 400 live shows a year (show off!), Jasen seems to be everywhere! Some of his career changing moments were:

  • Magically unveiling a $2.5 million dollar helicopter on LIVE t.v. for Fox News
  • private command performance at the U.S. Ryder Cup Invitational to entertain Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and the U.S. Team
  • private command performance for the Pittsburgh Steelers franchise before their Super Bowl win
  • His numerous television and radio interviews
  • Appearing in a national magical Subway Sandwich commercial
  • Performances for country music star George Strait, Lifestyles’ Robin Leach, racing legend Mario Andretti, talk show host Leeza Gibbons, Nascar’s Carl Edwards amongst other celebrties

If you have to ask- Jasen’s favorite career story is when he duplicated Harry Houdini’s famed straitjacket escape… with a twist! That twist put Jasen’s stunt performance on televisions across the globe. Shows like Real TV, Maximum Exposure, Inside Edition, The Leeza Show, The World’s Most Shocking Moments Caught on Tape, Shockwave, Extreme Peril, When Vacations Attack, The Travel Channel and more recently on MSNBC. To date, this escape is one of the most publicized in U.S. history.